Saturday, September 3, 2011

Newborn Pics

It seems like yesterday and forever at the same time that we took Aiden's newborn pics.  He was 10 days old at the time and it is crazy how much he has changed. For one, he had more hair then than he does now.  We are losing our hair at a rapid rate.  Hopefully, it will still be the same color when the new hair grows back. Secondly, he looks chunkier there than he is now.  He was 8lbs 12 oz there and today weighs 9 lbs 8oz but has grown 2 and 1/2 inches.  Still, I think he was and is the most precious thing ever.  I am partially bias though. 

I have to sing the praise of the photographer.  The adorable and talented Brandi Smyth came to our house and took the pics.  It was great to have Aiden in a comfortable environment so I think she is a genious for setting the shoots up this way.  You can take your time and everyone feels more at ease.  She also has an assistant that is also fabulous.  She can just take those babies and mold them into the most amazing positions.  They never even wake up!  Check out Brandi's website here.  She truly does incredible work and it's all with natural lighting.  I wish I could post all the pics.  However, I tried just to pick a few of my favorites.  If your in the market for some family pics or even special ocassion pics, she is your girl.  Enjoy and everyone have a safe, happy labor day.

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