Monday, June 25, 2012

11 Months

Aiden was 11 months on the 18th! Every month I say how crazy it is that he is so big but I just can't help it.  This year has just flown by.  His personality is so hilarious to us.  He literally eats whatever you put in front of him but he could eat 3 bananas without stopping if we let him.  He loves them!  He definitely has my mood swings and can throw a fit on a dime (we are working on that).  If he is sad we just put him on either mine or Ben's shoulders and he is happy as a clam. He has said a couple new words in the last month.  They include: duck, Lola, book.  He will repeat them over and over again when he sees them or has them in his hand and a couple days later won't say them at all.  I have captured some of them on camera which is good.  He is still army crawling but it is pretty fast.  He can get up our stairs in our kitchen area and can pull himself up to a standing position.  Aiden also absolutely loves the pool.  He kicks and splashes til he just wares himself out.  He even loves when we take his helmet off before bath.  He just rubs his head but never complains when we put it back on.  It has been a blessing with all the falling down as we learn to stand.  More to come on his head after our appointment on Thursday.  Here are other stats:

clothing: size: 9month although he can still wear alot of 6 month shorts or pants.
feeding schedule: bottle every 4 hours and 2 big meals with snacks in between.  You are finally drinking out of some sippee cups and are liking apple juice
sleep schedule: 7pm-7am with 1-2 naps a day, depending
diaper size: 3
height and weight: unknown, although we did have to buy you a new carseat because you were too long for the chicco.
teeth: still just 2 bottom teeth but I really think any day this week one will pop out.  I can feel it trying to poke through.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

First Road Trip

We took Aiden on his first road trip to the Texas Motor Speedway this weekend and I have to say it went much better than anticipated.  I was convinced that it would be a nightmare and we would never let him leave the house again but he did good.  We timed it so we could leave during his naptime and he would sleep part of the way there.  We got caught in some traffic so we didn't reach our location in Fort Worth til 5 1/2 hours after departure.  That is about all an almost 11 month old can handle.  I wasn't able to crawl in the backseat with him because traveling with a baby allows you no room to sit once you packed all their stuff.  A suburban would have definitely come in helpful at this point.  Aiden was so excited to get there and was extremely hyper.  He loved the motor home.  Although trying to figure out the sleeping situation with 4 adults and a baby was a challenge!  We bought him a small blow up pool and let him use that as his bath time-true red neck style.  Saturday, Ben's parents watched him while I went to the Speedway Club and had an amazing massage.  The therapist told me my back and neck were a complete mess and she basically used the whole hour trying to get knots out of my back. I could feel them too.  I was certainly due a massage. 

Last year when Ben and I went I was preggo and it was so hot so we opted to buy a table inside the club and watch the race from there.  It was amazing and once you've done that, you never go back.  We did the same thing this year with Aiden and we enjoyed the day of food and fun.  He took a 3 hour nap prior to the race and I think that helped him stay up til 9 o'clock that night.  Aiden is quite the social man and wanted to say hi to everyone in the room with him-especially the women!  When the cars started racing he was completely in awe and his little eyes couldn't keep up with how fast the cars were going.  He made it through 120 laps and then we had to call it quits. I returned to the motor home and put him down while everyone else stayed. We were glad to get home yesterday and am hopeful he will even do better in the car when we can turn him around.
                                                         Just woke up and very happy!
                                                                        Look at the cars!
                                                            Okay, I'm getting sleepy...

                                    We tried for a family photo but he was about to have a meltdown.