Sunday, August 28, 2011

Are you ready for some Football?

I cannot believe that football is here.  Seems like just yesterday I was talking about high school baseball and caught up in spring fever.  Maybe I just can't believe it because it's still 100 degrees outside. Literally.  Football weather is crisp and cool.  But ready or not it is here.  My husband participated in a jamboree with 8 teams yesterday (congrats on the win).  Below is a pic of their new uniforms they got.  How fine are these?  If you are gonna play ball you need to look good too! Do you love the white helmets?

                                        Cedar Creek vs. Homer at Jam at the Joe (W 22-0)
                       The Hubby coaching-Not sure what he's doing her but it looks intense.
                     Aiden wasn't able to attend but we still dressed up to show our support!

More importantly, there are 6 days until perhaps the best non-conference game of the year kicks off (Well, let's hope it lives up to the hype).   It is #3 vs. #4 in a showdown in Cowboys Stadium.  Unless you live underneath a rock, you are well aware of the trouble that LSU Quarterback Jordan Jefferson has gotten into.  He has been suspended from the team indefinitely and Jared Lee has been named the starter.  I am very disturbed by this and think it's purely selfish to not be thinking about how this will affect your team when you choose to go out to a bar.  On top of that, Russell Shepperd will also not be on the field as he is suspended for the first game.  This game could be a total disaster or Jared Lee will be named some kind of hero for carrying his team to victory.  He will be sporting a slimmer frame this season and let's hope his confidence and accuracy have also improved during the off season.   Unfortunately, I won't be there but I will be watching and probably praying we pull out a victory.  Let's hope good ole Les pulls out some tricks from that hat of his.  Geaux Tigers!!

Oh, and the jokes have already started.  My husband received one on Friday: 2 LSU football players are riding in a car.  Who's driving?  Baton Rouge P.D.-LOL. This is only the beginning I'm sure.

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