Saturday, June 11, 2011

Maternity Clothes

I remember when I was approaching 20 weeks.  My pants couldn't really button anymore and I hated the bella band.  I know how hard it is for me to find pants that fit when I'm not pregnant, I could only imagine how it would be now that I had a belly forming.  Surprisingly, I have found some really precious maternity clothes.  In fact, many of them are nicer than my everyday non-pregnant wardrobe.  The thing I noticed about maternity clothes is it is worth it to pay for the fit.  It will so be worth it because good preggo clothes know how to fit you in the right places.  Below are my some of my fav things I've found along the way.

Pants: Japanese Weekend.  The pants are super comfy but look stylish still.  I can see why no one wants to give up the elastic band because it really is so comfortable.  You can breathe as your belly grows.  They come in bootcut and slim cut so you can choose what style works best for you.  I bought one of each and have worn them since week 20. 
Favorite stores: Pickles and Ice Cream.  There are two locations in Dallas and every time I'm there I pop in.  You can also order online but the clothes don't look nearly as cute as they do in the store. Baby Bump-New Orleans.  Soon they will offer online shopping but they have alot of great clothes and a fantastic jean selection. 

I also have several favorite brands I have discovered and below are some of the pieces I bought from their collections.  The one thing I will say is definitely factor in you body changing month after month.  Not so much in the stomach area for me but the bust.  You never know how your body will change. I am not 34 weeks and in the home stretch.  I am just hoping I can hold out and continue to wear all the clothes I have without purchasing anything else new.  Dresses have definitely been a lifesaver during these last couple weeks.  The Summer heat wave is upon us.
                                                           Rosie Pope Floral Maxi Mini
Nuka Maternity Elle Maxi Dress

Jules and Jim Azure Blue Ruffle Dress

One Shoulder Printed Tunic from Pickles and Ice Cream


  1. I loved my JW pants! They were def a staple in my wardrobe for 24 months:)! Another fun place to shop is Ann Taylor Loft online. They have maternity if you haven't already discovered it. I'm sure you look great!

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