Saturday, May 28, 2011

We've Got a Big One On Our Hands

Almost two weeks ago we went to the doctor to have a final ultrasound because I was measuring a little ahead.  I was so excited because I hadn't seen a pic of M.A. since 18 weeks.  Oh my how he has grown!  At week 18 we could see the whole baby on the large flat screen. Now, we had to piece each body part together because he is so big.

And big he was.  He weighed in at 3lbs 15oz. The 70th percentile! I immediately wanted to know the length but since we couldn't see the whole body it was too difficult.  We did get a measurement of the femur which was also in the 70th percentile.  The tech told us to be prepared that M.A. would probably be well over 8lbs. and at this point was 1.5 weeks ahead of my due date.

How did this happen?  Have you seen me or my husband?  We are not big people so we were dumbfounded.  After the ultrasound, the doctor said there was no reason to panic if he was that big.  It was more than likely genetic because I've passed my glucose test and haven't gained the weight to correlate with a big baby.  I felt a little more relieved.  I also know that sometimes the measurements are off.  I know several people who they have said their babies would be big and when they were born were in the normal range. 

On a happier note, we saw so many great pics of his face.  Last time he was hiding his face with his hand and was sleeping snuggled up next to the placenta.  Today, I drank half a cup of coffee before the ultrasound and he was going nuts!  I mean moving everywhere.  We saw lots of hair (which could explain my heartburn)!  He also had his eyes open alot as well as his mouth.  We got some great shots of him sticking out his tongue and then sucking his thumb.  I think he must have been hungry!  His cheeks are super fat and he has some juicy lips.  To me, he looked how my dad looked as a baby.  But time will tell.  I can't wait to meet him.  If his facial expressions are any indication of the way he acts outside the womb, I'm worried he may be a little high maintenance.  Hmm...must take after his father.
            This is the pic that makes me think of dad. He definitely has the Florence nose.

                          I mean, is there any room in there for him or is he just that flexible?
                                         This is my favorite-M.A. is already sucking his thumb.

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