Friday, June 24, 2011

One Month To Go!!!

It's hard to believe that last November I was freaking out when I saw that positive sign on the pregnancy test!  I thought July will never get here and I can't believe how fast time has flown by.  I officially have 30 days to go (hopefully a little less).  I am so ready but so not ready at the same time.  I am hot and miserable but freak out when I imagine being at home with an actual human being that is totally dependent upon me.  It's insane.  But then I find myself thinking of all the fun times ahead like first Halloween, Christmas and football games and I can hardly wait. 

Here's what I won't miss:
1. Having to sleep on my side
2. Back aches
3. REFLUX-I have been eating tums like candy
4. Feet swelling everyday at 3pm like clockwork because it's already 100 degrees in June and I am on them all day
5. Feeling like I will never fit into normal clothes again
6. Being able to fasten my sandals.  Right now I have to prop my feet upon the tub and am lucky if I can fasten them
7. Actually see past my stomach when I am laying down flat at night
8. Taking pre-natal vitamins.  Those are the worst!

However, I know all of it will be worth it in the end but I can assure you we will note be having another summer baby.  It's just too hot.  Plus, I am missing laying out so bad.  I have layed out some at my parents (I wouldn't be caught dead in public in a swimsuit) but I get so hot so fast it's almost not worth it.  Everything is coming along nicely.  All the clothes are washed and now I just have to iron them.  I was so worried that baby A would have nothing to wear but I'm pretty sure it's safe to say he has way too many clothes.  I am juts hoping he can actually fit in them since he's supposed to be such a big baby.  The nursery is basically done except for a few minor details so I will post pics when it is finished.  Below is a sneak peak of the bed and bedding though.  Also, I have attached a 35 week pic.  My tummy is HUGE!!!!

                                            My favorite part of the bedding-the bumper pads

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  1. Larkin you look great! And the bedding is beautiful! I'm so excited for you. My boys were both born before the bad heat of the summer started. I am sure the heat can be miserable. Enjoy the next few weeks as you get ready to meet your little man!