Thursday, February 10, 2011

Boy or Girl?

Well, we went to the Dr. Tuesday.  She had said from the beginning we could probably determine the sex at 16 weeks but if not I could go back and have the tech ultrasound me at 18.  Hallelujah! She was right! Sure enough, these are how the events unfolded.  We took a look at the baby and got the heartbeat measurement.  She said based on the heartbeat there was a 70% chance it was a boy but let's see if it will spread it's legs so we can get a good view.  She also proceeded to say both of it's hands were by his side and legs so it was probably a boy. It took a few minutes but we got the pic.  Some of the close ups of the ultrasound were a little hard for me to pick out parts but she froze the frame and said ,"wow! that's not falling off!" The private part was pretty big for a baby and right there front and center for us to see.  We played around with the ultrasound again to get a second confirmation and got it.  It's a boy! My tuition all along was right.  So thrilled we can finally call "it" a "he".  But more importantly, he has a name. 

Please welcome Michael Aiden Haddox.  Both my husband and his dad's first names are Michael so we just had to use that.  Aiden has no special history except I've always really liked it and it seems to flow well with Michael.  I really like family names but they are slim on the men's side. We have a family girls name we love so we are holding on to it hopefully for the future.  Ben said the pressure is definitely off now that's it's a boy but he really wants a girl. How precious is that?  So far, almost everyone has guessed boy so it hasn't been that big of a surprise.  My parents however, are out of town and will not find out til this weekend.  My mom is beside herself but I just couldn't bring myself to tell her in an e-mail.  That's just no fun. 

Since I can't but myself any cute clothes right now wouldn't you know that very day I went out and bought a few baby outfits.  I got the most adorable onesie with jungle animals on it (no pic sorry).  Also, I haven't officially decided on the bedding but have several ideas I'm tossing around.  I will post inspiration pics shortly.  I did buy this precious moses basket from Restoration Hardware because it was on sale and I know it will go in the room no matter what I end up with.  Thanks everyone for the congrats so far and we will continue to pray that our baby boy is healthy. 

    P.S. I am also documenting my belly growth at 8 week intervals. Pic 1 is 2 months and Pic 2 is 4 months.


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