Wednesday, February 16, 2011

We Have Movement!

This past week has been very interesting. First we found out the sex of the baby.  And then everything started changing.  I had always heard of the unbelievable things people will say to you when you are pregnant.  Well, I experienced my first one of those people last week.  One sweet lady at my church was talking about how to tell on a person if they will have a girl or boy.  She said that a girl carries only the weight in the tummy and a boy mama carries their weight everywhere.  Then she proceeded to tell, "I saw you the other day and thought you were going to have a boy.  Your weight is everywhere, your tummy, face, just everywhere." I almost fell out on the floor.  Oh well.  Thanks for busting my bubble! I was commending myself cause I had only gained 6lbs. in 16 weeks but apparently I need to take more snapshots of myself.  Just FYI we all know that we don't look our best.  There really is just no need to tell us.

Secondly, I am really tired of everyone telling me that now is the time to be working out.  Yes I am aware of that as well.  I ran for the first time in a while this week and it felt great.  I am gonna run when I feel like it and have been doing the elliptical some but I'm by no means training like I was when I did my half marathon.  I mean it's pretty hard to get motivated when my hips are still gonna get big, my backside even bigger and my face round. 

Now, that I've vented let me get to the point I wanted to make on this post.  Today at 10:38am I felt the baby move.  Not sure if it was a kick or punch but it was definitely movement.  Many people had been asking me if I had felt the baby yet but I hadn't and was getting a little nervous.   All my reading said it feels like a flutter.  My friend Valerie described it to me best.  She said it feels like a light thump.  Sure enough that's exactly what it felt like.  Very exciting I must say.  Ben is so jealous and can't wait til he can feel.  I tried to explain to him I could barely feel it so he still has a ways but he's convinced if we shine a flashlight at my belly the baby will move and he can feel it.  I should have taken a 17 week pic cause boy what a difference a week makes.  It's like all of a sudden I have a noticeable bump. I'm seriously down to about 3 pairs of pants I can button.  Guess that's how it goes!


  1. First of all, you are NOT gaining that much weight. You are NOT! I think you look fabulous and I am not just saying that :)
    Secondly, all I did was elliptical and walk some...never got my heart rate above 150...and I've told you how much weight I gained. Don't stress...lay on the couch if you want to...with your working everyday you are definitely burning cals..
    Thirdly...I am so happy for you!!!

  2. I am going to let you in on a little secret about that 'sweet lady'. that 'sweet lady' is a B-I-you-know-what, bless her heart. Who says that? Its okay to call her a B if I nail it with a bless her heart, so bless her heart it is. RUDE. 6 pounds is nothing an unpregnant girl can't do in a week or two; so the fact that you are tired, sick and toting around a tiny human in your stomach, that happens to thrive on making you retain water makes it a miracle you have only gained 6, and 6 is not noticeable in the grand scheme of weight gain.

    You tell her your cousin just knows she is carrying a boy too, and that she just can't wait to see if it is one boy, or twins.

    you are beautiful as is, in any shape or form, because that is who and what you are, inside and out. You are not carrying weight anywhere but where your little boy is sitting, and it is water weight at that. Patti Bosket just had a bullet stomach when she was pregnant, no weight anywhere but in the baby zone, and all she had was boys.

    I am upset with that woman, but SO EXCITED to meet Aidan.