Friday, January 7, 2011

My How You Have Grown!

I went to the Doctor Wednesday for my monthly check-up and we did the ultrasound. I was so relieved to see there was still a baby there. Better yet, thus far it looked healthy.  I had been feeling so good I was beginning to wonder if everything was okay.  The first time we went to the doctor I was 6 weeks and 4 days. The baby was only a sesame seed then so all we could really see was the heartbeat.  It was 0.67cm.  This time the baby is about the size of a fig and was 4.93cm.  The coolest part by far was that all the major features were there and very recognizable--a head, body, arms, and legs.   Boy was this baby active.  He/she looked like it was boxing.  Arms and legs going everywhere.  I hope it enjoys all that space cause it won't have it for long! It was one of the coolest experiences of my life.  To top that off, I'd only gained 1 lb.  I was freaking out thinking about how much and how poorly I'd been eating.  Thankfully some of that hunger has tapered off a bit now that I'm not training for the half marathon.

I have to confess I haven't been doing that much reading.  I had the best intentions of reading all these baby books but they can kinda freak you out.  If you momma's out there have any books you highly recommend let me know.  I'm getting such great advice from everyone I really feel like I've gained alot of knowledge already.  I would like to read some books though so please pass on those titles.

Next topic up, maternity clothes.  I've been thumbing through my InStyles and PeopleStyleWatch I get and look at all the cute new spring clothes.  Then I dream about buying and wearing them knowing I can't because I will be starting to show pretty shortly and be biggest going into the summer. Therefore I need to know if there are any online sites or stores I need to know about for cute maternity clothes?  I have been careful not to buy 1 piece of clothing since I found out  I was pregnant.  If you want to cut back on spending costs this is a great way. Seriously, I've saved a ton of money already. 

I hope everyone has a great weekend. I'm getting ready to cheer on my tigers to victory against A & M!

Our first visit to the doctor on December 3
January 5 visit


  1. Books do freak you out- therefore, choose simple and straight to the point! "Your Pregnancy Week by Week" was my favorite cause it told you exactly what was going on with the baby's development and your body in that exact week- awesome read. (it also helped me keep up with how far along I was.) I did not read "What to expect when your expecting." I was told it was scary and I just stayed away. "Belly Laughs" by Jenny Mccarthy is an absolute must! Enough said! "Happiest Baby on the Block" is also an absolute must. It teaches you soothing techniques for the baby and it really is fabulous- very to the point- lots of people swear by it- it's worked for both of our girls. AND when you are looking to establish a good sleep schedule for your baby you need "Healthy Sleep Habits Happy Child." It's a long one but you can skim it and get the general idea- it's pretty much summed up over and over. As for clothes, Pickles and Ice cream in Dallas is FANTASTIC. You can literally find everything you need right there- and then walk across the parking lot to get a Sprinkles cupcake- or TWO! (that is if you go to the one in Dallas- there is also one in Plano. Also, has awesome maternity tops. That's all I wore and they look great when you aren't preggo too. Pickles and Ice Cream carries lots of Michael Stars. Also, A Pea in the Pod in Dallas is a great clothes store too. Similar to Pickles and Ice Cream and it's located right across from North Park. That's all I have for you!

  2. Forgot something- Baby Bliss- it's got some maternity clothes also- fun tops with cute sayings. The baby gear inside is really modern. Located in Sneider Plaza.

  3. Hey Larkin!...I had a book that I loved. Both of my sisters had it first and so I decided to read it too. I had several...but most of them I didn't like and NEVER read. The one that I had is called I'm Pregnant. It was great bc it went by the weeks. It was all info. that you was interesting and it didnt overload me with tons of scary info.

    ...and I agree with you on the maternity clothes. I saved a lot of money last spring/summer bc I bought NO regular chlothes. You let me know if you find any great maternity stores/sites...I never found anything I just loved!