Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Golden Globes

Did ya'll watch the Globes on Sunday?  I have to admit I did not find it as entertaining as I normally do.  I of course watched the pre-show red carpet and most of the Globes.  I didn't think the hosting was as good as last year but I thought the presenter content was pretty good.  I actually haven't seen many of the nominated movies so I can't comment on many of the winners.  Let's just get right to the clothes shall we?  Here's who I loved:

Here's who was disappointing:

Overall, I loved seeing color on the carpet. And as always there was some insane jewelry going on. I die for Kyra Sedgwick's turqoise earrings or Halle Berry's diamond bangles! Oh well a girl can dream right? I give my overall best dressed to Anne Hathaway. She looked on fire.  Her dress brought me back to my Dallas and Dynasty days.  And the color was perfect for her skin tone.  I have to give my worst dressed award to Michelle Williams.  I mean Tilda Swinton's attire was truly horrendous but her red carpet dresses always are.  It was not a shock.  I feel that Michelle had the oppotunity to look so chic with her short haircut and she chose daisies.  There's always the Oscars ladies to make a comeback!