Monday, September 20, 2010

Weekend Review

Hello everyone and hope ya'll had a great weekend. I could pretty much sum up mine in 1 word: FOOTBALL (no complaints from me).  Friday, I went to watch CC take on the #2 team in the state St. Mary's. Unfortunately, it didn't end good for us but they played great and it was an excellent game until the 4th quarter.  The boys should be proud. Saturday I met my running partner for a run (which was the most miserable thing because it was soooo hot) then laundry and more football followed. I always start my Saturday with College Gameday. You have to have a little Kirk, Lee, and Chris in your life. I am real excited that Erin Andrews is on there this year. I love her!  In the SEC: I can't believe Arkansas beat Georgia. Better than that, when was the last time Georgia started 0-2?  I always cheer for the SEC West teams cause I want it to look better when (hopefully) LSU beats them.  Ben and I then headed to tailgate at the Tech vs. Navy Game at around 4pm. Wearing Capris was not a smart idea. It was so hot. BTW, I am not okay with the music being played at the Tech game this year. I mean really, we are not the ghetto. It was embarrasing and uncalled for. You never go to a LSU game and hear that.  Maybe play one song but I'm pretty sure there was some words that shouldn't have been played over the loud speaker.  Tech is very family oriented and I have a sneaky feeling (fingers crossed) it won't be played this week vs. Southern Miss. We decided to leave at halftime and went home to watch the LSU game.

I know, I am that fan that is just never happy. Yes I know the Tigers won but that offensive performance is just not gonna cut it this week or the weeks to follow. Here are my thoughts (my complaints and critiques):  I don't remember a team kicking 4 field goals in the first half and never getting a TD in the endzone. That's just unacceptable that we can drive down the field but not get a TD.  I don't understand it.  Why does Les get so conservative when they get ahead? The second half we needed to continue to throw and score for practice. But no, all we did was run up the middle. Ridiculous. Third, you are going to put Jared Lee in but not give him a chance to throw a pass?  Is that really going to help him improve? To end on a positive note,  the defense played outstanding. They really are distgustingly good.  We are so loaded with talent there is just no excuse why we shouldn't be dominating ballgames.  Maybe they can pull it together. I doubt it though. Geaux Saints!

Have a great week everyone and stay cool!

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