Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday Morning Meltdown

Well, I thought I would take the opportunity to recap all of my teams' games and how frustrated I am with them. If you read any sports blogs or listen to ESPN radio you will find everyone complaining so I thought I would join the crowd.  Friday night I had a relaxing girls night with my dog Lola.  We rented chick flicks and unfortunately they were all pretty terrible. I also listened to the CC game at Many and listened so long that my battery went dead again for the second time this week.  And they didn't even win.

Saturday morning started off good.  I met my running partner and my sister-in-law for the Race for the Cure 5K in Monroe. We were part of the Oncology Associates team and while it wasn't too hot, it was still pretty miserable. We were running in cotton shirts that didn't breathe but overall I was pleased with my time. There were a reported 3,000 people participating. Louisiana has one of the highest mortality rates in the nation for breast cancer and 75% of the money made stays right here in Monroe. Pretty awesome! The rest of my day consisted of cleaning, pinestrawing the flower beds and of course college football!

Let's start with the Alabama game. Uhhh. I so do not like them. I just knew Arkansas was gonna pull out the win.  But in the end, the tide rolled on. They have a pretty tough next couple weeks but I think if they get through it they will go undefeated (for the 3rd year in a row).  LSU certainly doesn't stand a chance the way they played on Saturday.  I am so frustrated. First off, our defense is incredible. Yes I've said it once and I'll say it again. Patrick Peterson is a freak.  If only we had an offense. I actually got excited when I saw Jared Lee going in with 9 minutes left on the clock. But of course, he just went in one series and handed the ball off.  Jefferson makes horrible decisions. He is not going to be a great quarterback. Period. Next, Terrance Toliver is the worst flop. He could be a specimen but can't hold on to the ball. Who they need to get it to more is Reuben Randall. He caught every pass on Saturday and on the only thrid down we converted on, he made the catch.  I can't type anymore cause I could go on and on about our play calling.  Even La Tech couldn't pull out a victory.  We went to bed pretty put out with the whole night.

Sunday we were in a pretty bad mood around our house after the Saints game.  Devery Henderson played horrible and so did Drew.  I understand it was a short week cause they got home on Tuesday morning after a Monday night game but it showed on the field. I can't believe Hartley missed a routine field goal. That's his 3rd miss already this season. I would be getting pretty nervous if I was him. 

I'm gearing up for homecoming week at the creek and cooler weather. Have a great one everybody!
Patrick Peterson striking a Heisman pose after a punt return for a TD Saturday against W. Va.

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