Monday, March 11, 2013

18 months

I wanted to document Aiden's 18 months and how well he is doing after his surgery.  We had our 18 month check-up in January and he has gained over 3 pounds and grown 2 1/2 inches in 8 weeks.  I mean is that crazy or what? I still can't believe how well he is doing and how much energy he has/  He truly is a different baby.  I only thought he was happy before.  Ahh, God is good. 
Everyday is like a new adventure with him and he learns something new.  You can just look at him and see the wheels turning inside his head.  He is extremely obsessed with cows and bees right now.  Strange, but so cute.  He has learned the difference between yes and no and loves to tell you  "NO."  I am so excited to see him grow and learn this year.  He is definitely not a baby but a toddler now.

clothing: 18 months
diapers: size 3
finally eating some meat in ham and turkey!
words: we have counted and he can say more then 30 words, although can't string more than 2 together yet
nap: 1-2 hours day
sleep: 6:30pm-7am

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