Wednesday, August 7, 2013

2 Years

Boy oh boy has it been awhile since I blogged. Seriously though, I am using a computer all day long at work and just don't feel like writing something when I get home.  But I am feeling inspired lately so I am going to try and do better.   Aide turned 2 on July 18.  I still can't believe it. I have made photo books for each year of his life this far and putting the pics together I can't believe what all he has accomplished this year.  It is literally broken down into pre-surgery and post-surgery.  I mean he has grown like 5-6 inches in 8 months and gained about 10 pounds.  His head and feet finally could grow and his strength and stamina is completely different.  He is quite the social butterfly and never shuts up.  As his mom I have to think he's perfect and has a great vocabulary but the doc agreed and his dad and I are just so proud. 

We opted to do a family birthday again this year.  He is just now understanding birthdays and cake so that's really all he asked for.  Why not do it if you can get away with it?  I have to say however, that I have had his party planned for awhile.  Last year when I was strolling down the dollar isle at target they had a ton of Cat in the Hat stuff there.  I thought how perfect Aiden loves the show.  So I knew what I wanted to do for awhile.  Plus, I had actually used red and turquoise some last year so I had leftover decorations I pulled out as well.  We had traditional Green Eggs and Ham to eat along with other Dr. Seuss inspired foods.  We open presents and ate cake and just had fun enjoying Aiden.  Our last gift to him, was a present of an ultrasound pic.  Yep, that's right, Aiden is going to be a big brother! We held out for almost 12 weeks from telling anyone so most of the family was surprised.  It was a sweet party and I know they can only get more complicated from here.  The bad news for Aiden is there will probably be multiple swim parties in his future.  There's not much you can do in the middle of a Louisiana summer.

I used these fish last year. So glad to have them.

Loving everyone singing happy birthday to him!

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