Wednesday, May 23, 2012

10 Months

Aiden was 10 months old last week.  It is crazy.  He has come so far in a month.  Last month I was so concerned because he didn't want to sit up and wasn't really crawling.  Now, he is everywhere!  Trying to stand, crawling, sitting up, and talking, talking, talking.  He also has both bottom teeth now and I can see the first top one about to come in.  He is so much fun to watch and definitely not as high maintenence as before.  Instead of us handing him toys and trying to entertain him all the time, he can go get what he wants and play some by himself.  I can tell he is ready for child interaction.  Whenever he gets around a big group of kids, all he does is touch them and stare.  He is ready to play!  I am unsure of his weight and height but here are a few other stats.

clothing size: 9m
diaper size: 3
sleep schedule: 2 naps a day around hour to hour and a half and 12 hours at night on average
words: still just mama, dada, and hi.  He loves to wave at everyone
food: 2 meals a day. still some baby food but alot of adult food as well.  You love everything! bottles in between 7-8 oz depending.

                                                        can you see the bottom tooth?
                                         we have a hard time staying focused if you can't tell!

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