Friday, May 4, 2012

Week's Worth of Appointments

I feel like the last week has been an absolute whirlwind.  It is extremely hard trying to work and attend all of Aiden's doctors appointments in 3 different towns within a week but I managed to only have to take 1 day off to get it done.  We had our 9 month check-up and then turned right around and had an appointment with Dr. King for his heart and in Shreveport for his head.

Update with Dr. King went well.  We did an echo about 6 weeks ago and there was no change in the size of his holes.  Dr. Lucus who would be the surgeon in New Orleans looked at his chart and recommended that we try and wait longer.  Dr. King concurred and we have decided since he is growing that we should let him try and get bigger before surgery.  Chances of the big hole ever closing now are very slim but possible.  We have until age 3 to make a decision if needed from what I understand.  We will not see Dr. King again for 3 months and this will be the longest we have gone.  Seems pretty good to me. 

The very next day we headed to Shreveport to get Aiden's helmet for his head.  After 2 months, we are finally getting on with this process.  I wish we could have done it 2 months ago because it is already so hot.  The good news is since we have all wood floors in our house, his little head is protected from any bumps while is is learning crawling and eventually walking.  The appointment took about an hour and a half and we learned how to clean the helmet, put it on and take it off, and look for any skin problems.  We started the first day just wearing it one hour on and one off.  Then we worked up to 2,4,and 8 hours on.  The fifth day was the full 23 hours on.  Surprisingly, Aiden did very well. He only seems bothered when we put it on or take it off.  But boy is he sweating.  At the baseball game last night, I finally just took it off.  His poor face was beat red and it looked like he had a bath his hair was so wet.  What difference is a few hours off going to make.  The consultant said it would take a few weeks for the sweating to calm down.  I am just praying his head will grow fast and we can hurry and get the helmet off before August.  The average baby wears it for 4.5 months.  We will see!  Here are some pics I snapped over the weekend.

                                                      First day of helmet...not too sure!

                                                         Day 2...feeling much better
And I just had to include these pics from our bath.  Aiden absolutely loves his bath.  He wants all his toys in the tub with him but only wants to hold his duck or turtle.  He looks so sweet and innocent here.  Literally one minute after these were taken he did number 2 in the tub.  I couldn't believed it!  I thought that only happened in the movies.  I guess I've officially been initiated into motherhood!!

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  1. He looks so cute in his helmet! :) You'll really enjoy having some protection from all the little tumbles he takes when crawling and learning to walk. :)