Monday, May 16, 2011

Wacky Wednesday

I have been wanting to blog about this for several days but was so busy last week that I didn't have time.  I am telling this story because even I am guilty of doing this but have never experienced the consequences until last Wednesday. 

I was driving down Louisville Avenue in Monroe headed east toward the bridge to cross into West Monroe.  Thankfully, I was almost to the base of the bridge, and as you all know if you are familiar with the area, has multiple stop lights.  I wasn't going the usual 35mph because I was coming off a red light.  Meanwhile, in the opposite direction traffic was backed up.  This was because many people attempt to turn left when you enter Monroe from West Monroe causing a major traffic jam. 

All of a sudden I see a man swerve from his lane into mine and he was coming at me.  I layed on the brakes and jammed on the horn but there was nothing he could do.  He coasted into me and hit my car head on.  I don't know how the airbags didn't deploy but am so thankful the lord was looking out for me and I wasn't going fast.  Everything was a blur.  I am okay but it scared me to death.  What if the airbags did deploy and hurt the baby?  I had a thousand thoughts running through my head and immediately had a huge meltdown.  The police were so nice and had me take a few deep breaths before they talked to me and got all the info they needed.  There were several witnesses and as it turned out the guy was texting on his phone and for some reason it made sense to him to swerve into oncoming traffic than rear end the person in front of him.  I will never understand that concept but oh well. 

I was able to drive my car down the road to Hixson but the police followed me just to make sure the tire didn't blow out since his truck had kinda rammed up under my car.  The damage could have been worse but it's still gonna require alot of work.  My hubby was so sweet to drive over and follow me home after I picked up a rental car.  M.A. is okay and thriving and I am so thankful.  To everyone out there-do not text and drive.  I know you think you can manage but things can change so fast.  Whether or not he received a ticket I don't know yet but at least we are all okay. 

On a happier note, I snapped a 30 week pic this weekend.  I am in the home stretch and can't believe how fast time has past.  Can't wait to meet this precious little man.  I go back to the doc tomorrow so I'm sure I will be updating later in the week.