Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bloggers Block

So where have I been and what have I been doing? The answer is I don't know. What haven't I been doing? So much has been going on I don't know where to begin. On top of that I can't single out one thing to write about. Please tell me I'm not alone here.  I did realize, however, that I have not blogged about the one thing that I am obsessed with. That is my dog.

Lola. Enough said. She is so the light of my life. She's a maltipoo who is 4 years old.  I got her when I moved back from D.C. to Ruston and was living by myself.  Do ya'll know that song, "whatever Lola wants, Lola gets...?" Well, it fits her to a T.  She is so spoiled it really is sickening but I can't help it. It is a bad sign of how my children will be that is for sure. She has more personality than any other dog I've ever known. And oh my is she smart. You can tell her something once and she remembers. It's crazy! I think that's the poodle in her. Everyone says poodles think they are people and are some of the smartest dogs and she definitely is. Lola is the number 1 reason we bought a king size bed. We needed more space as she sprawled out horizontal in between us to sleep at night.

I dress her up for Halloween every year. This year she is gonna be a hot dog. Literally. A big bun and weenie in between her body. Hilarious.
Lola when she was about 8 weeks old

Not happy about LSU Gameday

Cheering for the Saints!

She loved the snow!

Last year's halloween costume-a bumble bee.

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