Sunday, October 10, 2010


Over the past month I have been trying really hard to get super organized. The problem with my house is that I don't have an office I report to every morning. Therefore my office is my house and my house is my office. We have an extra bedroom that we use as my office but all my stuff rarely makes it there.  I need several shelves and a file cabinet but maybe one day I'll get around to that.  I went through everything and discarded things I know I will need not again and moved alot of my study materials to my storage unit I have for work. Then I took my reject fall and winter clothes to a consignment sale called My Girlfriends Closet.  This Saturday I decided to participate in a multi-family garage sale. I sold even more clothes and a few furnishing items that we haven't used in forever. Ben and I both had our own houses before we got married so we have been renting a storage unit for over 2 years just storing things we don't have a place for. Ridiculous if you ask me. Hopefully we will get that cleaned out soon enough.

I remember seeing an Oprah episode last year about de-cluttering your life and I have decided that's just what I need to do.  I went through all the do-dads that were stocking stuffers and nick-knacks stuffed under my bed. I kept what was relevant to me at this time in my life and the rest was discarded.  It really does feel good to be able to walk into our garage storage and have room to spare and actually find what you're looking for.  Plus, I finally came to the realization if I couldn't fit in it last year,  chances are I won't this year so even though they might be really nice jeans, it's time to let em go.  At least I made some extra cash out of the situation.  Thanks to Joanna, Rachel, and Ashley for letting me participate in the garage sale. I have also made a conscious effort to be super careful about my spending habits. Am I going to get good wear out of that dress or will it be a one and done? It's definitely a work in progress! 

De-clutter your life today. I promise you'll feel brand new!

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