Thursday, January 26, 2012

Half a Year

Half a year sounds so much longer than 6 months to me but that is exactly what Aiden is.  I just can hardly believe it.  Leave it to my hubby to put things in perspective. Quote: Aiden was in your stomach longer than he is old.  So really he is still a young little man.  Since I didn't blog about 5 months let me just catch up quickly. 

5 Months
-you have rolled over 1 time: literally
-started you on baby food twice a day.  you love it! why was i concerned you wouldn't? you were a big baby when you were born so obviously you liked food.
-diapers: i moved you to size 2.
-weight: unknown but at the end of December (approx. 5 1/2 months you weight 14 lbs. 2 oz.)
-height: unknown
-you still eat every 3 hours. 5-6 oz. except when you eat food about 3-4 oz.
-clothing size: 3-6 months but 6 months are fitting great in stride

                           Couldn't get a smile outta this fellow.  Maybe because his outfit was so big it looks like he's wearing bellbottoms!
6 Months
-you finally decided a few days before your 6 months checkup you would rolled over.  I knew you could if you wanted but I think you are lazy.  You get very frustrated when you can't roll from stomach to back and just give up and start crying. There are several times in the night when you wake us up because you have rolled onto your stomach and can't get back over.  You also can find your passy very well at night in your crib and have been self-soothing yourself. you are also trying to sit yourself up when laying in the nap nanny and we are working on you sitting up.
-you wake up every morning in the best mood and are a really happy baby.  we love making you laugh and my heart just melts when i come home from work and you smile at me.
-weight: 14 lbs. 8 oz.  You are still settling in right around the 8th percentile but the doctor is not as concerned anymore because you are gaining steadily
-height: 28 1/4 inches long. you are almost at the 100th percentile.  you are so long.  when i put you in pants they looked cropped because you are so long.
-you have loved every food we have given you which makes me very happy.  i have also been making most of your food and you really seem to like fresh fruits and veggies.  i hope it continues. 
-you have started trying to talk so bad and have learned to make even more new sounds. 
-we have a teething boy on our hands.  your drool is out of control and you chew on anything you can get your hands on.
-you still hate to take naps.  you fight it so hard. scream, kick, and cry til you finally just pass out.  we then have to sneak you to your crib and hope you don't wake up.  nights are a different story.  you usually go down between 8:30-9pm and wake up between 7-7:30pm. 
-you still eat every 3 hours but the doc says that's why you can sleep so long at night.  I'll take it!
-bottle size: 6 oz every 3 hours except when you have solids then about 4 oz.
-clothing size: 6-9month
-diaper size: size 2
-you love your jumperoo and also to look at yourself in the mirror. if there is a tv on, forget about it.  You are suckered in just like your daddy. 
-we took you to church for the first time and you loved the nursery.  you were so busy checking everything out you couldn't even take a bottle. 
-Dr. king and slusher are both pleased with your progress and say we should continue to feed you whatever you want to put the weight on you. 
-heart update: still taking all 3 of your meds.  in 6 weeks we will look at the VSD (hole) in your heart and see if it has closed any.  From there we can come up with a game plan: do we do surgery of try and let the hole continue to close if it has begun to?  We are cautiously hopeful.
-in other news, at the 4 month checkup I expressed concern over the flat side of your head.  Dr. Slusher said let's give it til  6 months and hopefully with him not on his back so much, it will round out.  If not, we could get a helmet.  At his apt. last week, she thought his head actually looked worse.  She thought we should get x-rays done of his head.  What we found was very surprising.  The sutures in his skull in the back of his head were fused nicely like they were supposed to be and should allow the helmet to shape his head nicely.  However, the sutures in the front of his head had not fused correctly.  Usually, when this happens, a ridge forms on the head but to look at him he looks normal so you wouldn't even know.  We have an apt. in Feb to go see a craniofacial surgeon in Shreveport to review the x-rays and also fit Aiden for the helmet.  I asked Dr. King about this and he could see it immediately because of the way his ears didn't line up correctly.  He suspects that he has craniosynostosis which may require a surgery. hopefully, it is just a result of his flat head in the back. more to come...

                                                       Christmas Eve Church Service
                                                   So glad I captured a smile!
                                                                  Sporting the hood!
                                                        Ready to eat in our high chair

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