Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Battle of the Best

I couldn't resist writing about LSU right now.  Watching this season unfold reminds me so much of my senior year in college. That was the year they won their first BCS National Championship.  I have to admit that I never would have thought we would have two games left and be undefeated but we are!  So are we a sure win for the National Championship?  Let's review the scenarios. 
1.  If we win the last 2 games I think we are in regardless of what happens in the SEC Championship.  Let's say we were to lose the SEC Championship and Oklamhoma State wins the remainder of their games.  Oklahoma State will be in and who else should play them?  Oklahoma who lost to Texas Tech, Oregon, who we beat, or Alabama who we beat?
2.  If Oklahoma beats Ok St. and LSU wins out, who should we play?  Oklahoma who lost early in the season and perhaps will win the Big 12, Oregon who lost to the #1 team in the Nation in the first game of the year, or Alabama?
3.  If LSU loses to Arkansas, they will still represent the west in the SEC Championship because we will have the highest BCS ranking and in a head to head tie-breaker, we beat Bama who throttled Arkansas. WOW, this is a mess.  We then go on to win the SEC Champ and OK St. loses in their championship game, who do we play Bama or Oregon?  Oregon lost to LSU the first game of the season on a neutral site but was basically a home game for us because it was so much closer.  Bama lost to us in OT but on their on turf which makes it worst.  So who deserves to go?  Selfishly, I would much rather play Oregon again than Bama.  I also feel that Bama would bring almost as many fans to New Orleans as we would, only giving us a slight advantage.  Oregon will most likely win the Pac 12 Championship making their point more valid than Alabama who did not evern play in thier conference title game. Another thought would be if the voters changed their minds and still put Ok St. in the championship game to avoid a rematch even though they would have lost their conference championship game.  You saw it happen in 2003 when Oklahoma lost and still made it to the National Championship game. There are great arguments to be made for each one. 
4. Easiest and best case scenario would be for LSU and Oklahoma State to both win out. Done and Done.

                                                       LSU is undefeated thus far in 2011.
                                          I think this was how Saban felt when we played them!
                 Does Oklahoma State have the defense to play in the National Championship?
The most interesting thing about Oregon is what uniforms they would wear

I just hope that LSU shows up this weekend to play Ole Miss.  They sure didn't last week against W. Kentucky.   Geaux Tigers!

I also wanted to send a shout out and good luck to my hubby and his team this Friday as they travel to Mangham to play in the second round of the playoffs.  Should be a great game!

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