Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring is Here!!

Yesterday was the first official day of spring and my was it a beauty.  I officially put up all of my boots and moved the sandals withing reach in my closet.  I am loving the clothes right now but unfortunately just looking since I can't really wear any of them.  I can, however, buy baby clothes! I have been trying to control myself and doing a pretty good job but there are so many cute things out there.  I did recently attend Kool Kids and Munchkin Market in Ruston and Monroe.  This was my first trip to these outing and boy are the people not playing around!

The first stop was at Kool Kids and I knew I was in trouble when I pulled up and people were lugging in baskets and pull carts to load up their clothes.  I had nothing but my free arms.  Both sales were for Spring/Summer clothing only so even though I was tempted I controlled myself simply for the fact that my baby won't be able to wear most of those things til next year.  I don't want to get stuck with things he can't wear cause he's too big or small than the size indicates. 

Next, I attended Munckin Market and didn't have a consigner pass like I did at Kool Kids.  I did have a new mom pass but that still means other people had been shopping for 2 hours prior.  I was told to get there early and boy was I glad I did.  The sale for me started at 6:30.  At 5:15 there was already a line forming.  When I came out of the building at 7:30, the line was down the street. Insanity!  I did rack up at the sale though.  Almost everything I bought had never been worn and it's just precious. Below are some pics of my fav outfits (they didn't turn out too good-sorry).  I can't wait for the next sales! Have a great week everyone.


  1. So much fun!! If I don't have another boy, I'll have to call you first before I sell Preston's clothes and let you come over to get first dibs. I do that with Katie Hall and Landons clothes and it is good for both of us :) Miss seeing you at choir. Are you coming Sunday night?