Thursday, July 14, 2011

Baby Shower Catch Up

I wanted to post a few pics and recap the showers that I received in honor of baby Aiden.  First may I start out by saying registering and having a baby shower might be more fun than registering for your wedding.  The only part I found stressful was when I walked down the pacifier and bottle isle.  Too many choices.  Other than that, it was a blast!  I am so blessed to have such great friends and family that support not only Ben and I but this new life we are about to have.  I feel so lucky.

The madness started off on May 19th when my colleagues from work threw my a small shower at Portico.  This was a perfect come and go event after work and it was great to catch up with everyone for awhile.  Unfortunately I didn't take many pics. 

            Kristi, a nurse from Oliver Road Medicine Clinic made the cake.  She definitely has a talent.

Next, the ladies from the church choir threw my a baby shower.  Basically we all ate and talked and I opened presents at the front while they all oohed and ahhed over the gifts. 

Can you say diaper overload? the amazing baseball parents surprised us with wipes and diapers at the baseball banquet.  This was huge!!

June 4th was my main baby shower.  It was held at the McIntyre's lovely home in Ruston and I had a great time.  I got so many lovely things.  Aiden officially has way too many clothes after this event and hopefully will be very smart because I received alot of books and games to stimulate his brain and coordination.  Thanks to all the hostesses who are all my dear friends.  It was fabulous.

Finally, on June 14th we had a necessity shower thrown by Ben's close friends.  How hilarious-a shower for a guy!?!  It turned out great and my husband is so lucky to have such a great group of guy friends that want to do things like this for us.  I made Ben open the gifts while I wrote down what we received.  He loved every second of it. 

10 days and counting!!

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